5 Technology Offerings Comprising the Internet of Things Tech Stack

The Internet of Things necessitates the delivery of innovative digital services and engaging Customer Experiences. IoT entails a collection of network-based gadgets that extend internet access beyond conventional devices. These devices are capable of communicating and interacting over the internet and can be monitored and controlled remotely.

IoT devices utilize network connections such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and NFC (NFC). IoT gadgets include webcams, printers, routers, Apple Watches and Fitbits, refrigerators, security systems, and speakers (including Amazon Echo and Google Home).

IoT, when coupled with network connectivity, offers limitless options and capabilities to revolutionize the technological landscape. These prospects can be broadly categorized into 3 primary strategic models:

Enablers — The developers and executers of the underlying technology.

Engagers — Those who shape, invent, incorporate, and offer delivery capabilities of IoT services to others.

Enhancers — Those who add value to what engagers offer by developing their own creative services.

IoT devices incorporate cloud computing, data analytics, and mobile communication technology.

In order to provide Internet of Things-related value propositions, enterprises must have a combination of 5 primary types of technological solutions. These technologies compose the “Internet of Things Technology Stack:”

  1. Endpoints

The IoT technologies comprising the IoT stack offer a variety of options to enterprises seeking to develop IoT products. Numerous companies are in the business of providing Network and Cloud Services, while others establish Endpoints before developing Simple Hubs and others provide Hub Integration services.

Let’s discuss some of these items in greater depth.


• The Endpoints category of Internet of Things technology collects data and manages numerous devices.

• Endpoints monitor changes and deliver feedback in response to changes in the environment.

• Endpoints consist of sensors and actuators with a single function that collect and analyze data from their surroundings and control objects over the internet.

Simple Hubs

• Hub devices connect Endpoints to Networks.

• Numerous internet-connected simple hubs are used to control a single function in a building (e.g. water, lighting, security, air conditioning etc.).

• Hubs are integrated into heating and air conditioning systems, washing machines, and engines. Using embedded intelligence and storage, hubs enable appliances to adapt to the user’s behavior and optimize themselves for greater efficiency.

• Hubs managing lighting, for instance, collect sunshine data from window sensors and adjust the brightness of a space accordingly.

Integrating Hubs

• These complicated hubs are utilized to connect simple hubs to other connections in order to provide a variety of pertinent services.

• Apple launched the first IoT integrating hub, HomeKit, in 2014, similar to the iPhone and iPad that developers utilize. HomeKit merges several simple hubs from a variety of manufacturers and displays them on a smartphone with a consistent user experience. HomeKit connects a number of systems with the push of a smartphone’s button, including electric power, security, motion and video monitors, HVAC, smart refrigerators, entertainment, lighting, and window shades.

• Oracle’s complicated integrating hub helped its sponsored yacht win the America Cup in 2013. The yacht was outfitted with over 300 sensors and cameras to monitor its coordinates, wind speed, direction, sail pressure, etc. Using Oracle servers and high-speed wireless connections, the crew collected and analyzed enormous amounts of data daily during the competition, which greatly enhanced the yacht’s performance on a run-time basis.

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I blog about various management frameworks, from Strategic Planning to Digital Transformation to Change Management. https://flevy.com

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Mark Bridges

I blog about various management frameworks, from Strategic Planning to Digital Transformation to Change Management. https://flevy.com