Can We Drive Growth and Innovation through Corporate Entrepreneurship?

The Opportunist

All organizations begin here as the Opportunist, where there is little organizational ownership or resource authority. Under this model, the organization has no deliberate approach to Corporate Entrepreneurship. Internal and external networks drive concept selection and resource allocation.

The Enabler

The goal under the Enabler model is to facilitate entrepreneurial employees and teams. Thus, under this model, the organization provides both funding and senior management attention to prospective Corporate Entrepreneurship projects. The thinking here is that employees will be willing to develop new ideas if they have adequate, foundational support.

The Advocate

The Advocate model exhibits strong organization ownership by evangelizing and promoting Corporate Entrepreneurship. There are 2 primary strategic goals of the Advocate:

  1. Reinvigorate or transform Business Units.
  2. Support Corporate Entrepreneurship teams.

The Producer

The final, and most mature model, is the Producer. As the most mature model for Corporate Entrepreneurship, the Producer provides full-service support by conceiving, screening, funding, coaching, scaling, and reintegrating new business concepts. This type of organization can even establish a Center of Excellence (CoE) for Corporate Entrepreneurship projects.

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Mark Bridges

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