Product Strategy: How to Implement Smart Customization without Adding Complexity to the Business?

Smart Customization

  • A clear appreciation of the value that customization allows to their customers;
  • Constant transformation towards the point at which customization adds value to both the clients and the organization;
  • And modification of business models based on customers’ demands to provide value at lower costs.
  1. Cost of Complexity
  2. Valueless Variety
  3. Value Creation and Delivery Alignment

Cost of Complexity

  • Balancing customers’ requirements for variety in offerings with the escalating costs of complying with their needs
  • Neglecting to update the decisions about the markets served and how to serve them
  • Falling short of targeting customer demands accurately
  • Inability to provide sustained value to existing customers
  • Failure to develop a thorough understanding of the cost drivers
  • Inability to differentiate between easy and difficult customization programs.

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Mark Bridges

Mark Bridges

I blog about various management frameworks, from Strategic Planning to Digital Transformation to Change Management.