Strategy for Global Innovation

  1. Approval vs. Disapproval
  2. Autonomy vs. Control
  3. Capability vs. Motivation
  4. Attraction vs. Interest
  5. Achievement vs. Potential

Approval vs. Disapproval

When pitched generally, the idea of taking Innovation to the global level is agreed to by everyone across the organization. When the task is directed towards a specific entity or specifics of it are assigned, Disapproval ensues.

Autonomy vs. Control

This is the trade-off between granting local autonomy vs. losing centralized control over the Innovation process. Reason for such interpretation is the inability to consider knowledge and power separately.

Capability vs. Motivation

A singularity exists where companies with elevated Innovation Capability exhaust their enthusiasm for Global Innovation.

Attraction vs. Interest

Taking Innovation to the global scale often necessitates partnerships. Such partnerships typically present the predicament that the more desirable the probable partner appears, the less those feelings are reciprocated.

Achievement vs. Potential

There is a trade-off between the over-emphasis on historical achievements vs. the potential for future achievements, as over-reliance on what has worked in the past will hinder Creativity required for a new environment.

  1. Compact & Agile Innovation Footprint
  2. Capabilities & Structures for Communication
  3. Internal & External Collaboration

Compact & Agile Innovation Footprint

This relates to the quantity of tangible sites in an Innovation network. Only that number of physical sites should be included in an Innovation network which are able to add exclusive and discerned knowledge.

Capabilities & Structures for Communication

This aspect has to do with overcoming the challenge of distance, time, and culture when taking Innovation to the global level.

Internal & External Collaboration

This aspect looks at collaboration protocols for co-located sites versus globally dispersed collaboration.

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