The Top 101 Consulting Frameworks of 2021

Mark Bridges
6 min readDec 24, 2021

At the end of each year, we publish a list of the top 101 consulting frameworks from the FlevyPro Library. We add new frameworks to FlevyPro each week based on market trends and customer demand. (See the top 101 consulting frameworks of 2020.)

Business frameworks are powerful tools consultants leverage to address their clients’ business issues in an organized, thorough, and efficient fashion. Each of our framework guides is a detailed PowerPoint presentation that provides a structured approach to analyzing and solving a common business problem, from issues in Strategy Development to Digital Transformation to Organizational Design (OD).

For a current running list of the top 100 best practices, check out these links:

Here are our Top 101 Consulting Frameworks, based on sales and downloads (as of December 2021).

1. Organizational Design and Capability Analysis (31-slide PowerPoint)

2. Smart Organizational Design (27-slide PowerPoint presentation)

3. 5 Ps of Purpose (30-slide PowerPoint presentation)

4. Best Practices in Strategic Planning (23-slide PowerPoint presentation)

5. Business Transformation for New CEOs (22-slide PowerPoint)

6. Go-to-Market Model Design (19-slide PowerPoint presentation)

7. Digital Transformation Governance (27-slide PowerPoint presentation)

8. Post-merger Integration (PMI): Integration Checklist (Part 1) (27-slides)

9. Pathways to Data Monetization (27-slide PowerPoint presentation)

10. Removing Organizational Silos (23-slide PowerPoint presentation)

11. Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE): 5 Components of Selling (24-slide PPT)

12. Adaptive Leadership Team Development (24-slide PowerPoint)

13. Process Communication Model (PCM): Personality Types (23-slide PPT)

14. Strategic Alliance Management (26-slide PowerPoint presentation)

15. Re-engagement after Restructuring (23-slide PowerPoint presentation)

16. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy: Top Priorities (26-slide PowerPoint)

17. Consulting Proposal Structure & Template (23-slide PowerPoint)

18. Storyboarding and Presentation Writing (33-slide PowerPoint)

19. Six Building Blocks of Digital Transformation (35-slide PowerPoint)

20. Strategic Management Office (SMO) Implementation (24-slide PPT)

21. Management Consulting Problem Solving Process (19-slide PPT)

22. Objectives and Key Results (OKR) (23-slide PowerPoint presentation)

23. Digital Transformation: Value Creation & Analysis (21-slide PPT)

24. Digital Transformation: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy (27-slides)

25. End-to-end (E2E) Operating Model Transformation (30-slide PPT)

26. Digital Transformation Strategy (Primer) (21-slide PowerPoint)

27. Business Model Innovation (BMI) (27-slide PowerPoint presentation)

28. Leadership Competency Model (25-slide PowerPoint presentation)

29. SMO Series: Strategy Management Processes (24-slide PowerPoint)

30. Business Model Canvas (22-slide PowerPoint presentation)

31. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) (21-slide PowerPoint presentation)

32. McKinsey Feedback Model (21-slide PowerPoint presentation)

33. Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) (26-slide PowerPoint)

34. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Best Practices (21-slide PPT)

35. Digital Organizational Design (23-slide PowerPoint presentation)

36. M&A: Target Operating Model (TOM) (32-slide PowerPoint)

37. Greiner Growth Model: Stages of Evolution and Revolution (28-slides)

38. Moving from Data to Insights (26-slide PowerPoint presentation)

39. SMO Series: Strategic Management Office (SMO) Primer (21-slide PPT)

40. SCM: Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Improvement (27-slides)

41. Data Gathering and Analysis (26-slide PowerPoint presentation)

42. Employee Engagement Culture (17-slide PowerPoint presentation)

43. Post-merger Integration (PMI): Day One Activities (28-slide PPT)

44. 9 Principles of Organizational Design (21-slide PowerPoint)

45. 10 Principles in Leading Change Management (17-slide PowerPoint)

46. Defining Issues and Generating Hypotheses (22-slide PowerPoint)

47. Crisis Recovery Strategy (21-slide PowerPoint presentation)

48. Supply Chain Resilience (23-slide PowerPoint presentation)

49. Galbraith Star Model (24-slide PowerPoint presentation)

50. Performance Management Maturity Model (25-slide PowerPoint)

51. Quantifying the Size and Growth of a Market (16-slide PowerPoint)

52. Strategy Map (20-slide PowerPoint presentation)

53. Big Data Enablement Framework (22-slide PowerPoint presentation)

54. Key Account Management (KAM): Large Global Accounts (24-slides)

55. Scenario Planning for Consultants (22-slide PowerPoint presentation)

56. Knowledge Management (KM) Strategy (22-slide PowerPoint)

57. Internet of Things (IoT) Decision Framework (21-slide PowerPoint)

58. Post-merger Integration: Integration Checklist (Part 2) (27-slides)

59. Profitability & Cost Structure Analysis: Internal Data (17-slides)

60. Analyzing the Competitive Landscape (33-slide PowerPoint)

61. Capability Development (21-slide PowerPoint presentation)

62. Digital Supply Chain Strategy (25-slide PowerPoint presentation)

63. 10 Principles of Customer Strategy (22-slide PowerPoint presentation)

64. Transformation Journey (21-slide PowerPoint presentation)

65. 10 Principles of Managing Strategy through Execution (21-slide PPT)

66. Influence Model for Change (23-slide PowerPoint presentation)

67. Customer-centric Culture (23-slide PowerPoint presentation)

68. Effective Communication with Virtual Teams (23-slide PowerPoint)

69. Artificial Intelligence (AI): Machine Learning (ML) (22-slide PPT)

70. Performance Measurement (23-slide PowerPoint presentation)

71. Six Building Blocks of a Customer-Centric Organization (32-slide PPT)

72. Creating Value Propositions (14-slide PowerPoint presentation)

73. HR Strategy: Job Leveling (26-slide PowerPoint presentation)

74. Team Turnaround Strategies (22-slide PowerPoint presentation)

75. Post-merger Integration: Integration Checklist (Part 3) (28-slides)

76. Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) (21-slide PPT)

77. Developing Conclusions and Recommendations (21-slide PowerPoint)

78. Impact of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) (21-slide PowerPoint)

79. Organizational Design: 10 Leadership Questions (23-slide PowerPoint)

80. Enterprise Architecture for Digital Strategy (14-slide PowerPoint)

81. Key Account Management (KAM) in Healthcare and Pharma (23-slides)

82. Fit Transformation: Strong, Agile, Lean (24-slide PowerPoint)

83. Digital Maturity Model (13-slide PowerPoint presentation)

84. Theory of Constraints (19-slide PowerPoint presentation)

85. Five Pillars of Agile Organizations (30-slide PowerPoint presentation)

86. Supply Chain Sustainability (24-slide PowerPoint presentation)

87. 5 Principles of Innovation Strategy (27-slide PowerPoint presentation)

88. Knowledge Management Primer (26-slide PowerPoint presentation)

89. The Innovation Process (24-slide PowerPoint presentation)

90. Lean Change Management (21-slide PowerPoint presentation)

91. Customer Experience (21-slide PowerPoint presentation)

92. Virtual Teams: Challenges & Benefits (26-slide PowerPoint)

93. People Capability Maturity Model (P-CMM) (18-slide PowerPoint)

94. Six Sigma Maturity Model (17-slide PowerPoint presentation)

95. Employee Value Proposition (EVP) (20-slide PowerPoint presentation)

96. FAST Method to Goal Setting (19-slide PowerPoint presentation)

97. Digital Transformation: Operating Model Transformation (26-slides)

98. Multichannel Contact Center Strategy (27-slide PowerPoint)

99. Innovation Culture (22-slide PowerPoint presentation)

100. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Strategy (24-slide PowerPoint)

101. Social Media Management (34-slide PowerPoint presentation)

For a list of the more traditional frameworks used by consultants (e.g. Porter’s Five Forces, GE-McKinsey Matrix, BCG Growth-Share Matrix), take at a look this article here.

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